The Piggy Market

Ottawa's Craft Butcher and Delicatessen.

For this passion project, I created a new brand identity and accompanying materials for The Piggy Market. They are an artisan delicatessen and craft butcher shop located in Westboro. The Piggy Market is dedicated to working with local farmers to rekindle the passion and excitement that goes along with food culture and food traditions.


Food & Beverage


2018, 2020

Services Provided

Brand Identity
High Fidelity UI Mockup for Selected Website Pages
Print Materials

The goals of the several stages of this passion project were to: create a new brand identity for The Piggy Market, create a high-fidelity mockup of a redesigned website, and create additional print materials for this local business.

Logo Design Moodboard

Logo design mood board for the Piggy Market.

The Process

Mindmapping, a moodboard, and over forty sketches went into the first stages of this brand design. The logo was originally redesigned a couple of years ago, but I was able to revisit it in order to create additional materials, such as a high-fidelity UI design of the website, business cards, signage, and an identity manual.

Initial sketches

Conceptual sketches for The Piggy Market's logo.

Concept 1

The Piggy Market logo vector concept 1.

Concept 2

The Piggy Market logo concept 2.

Concept 3

The Piggy Market logo concept 2.

The Challenge

The Piggy Market is known for developing relationships with their customers and farmers, and this was taken into consideration during the research and sketching stages of the design. It was important to capture their support for local farmers and a sustainable food system within the final design. Their priority and passion is pork, so it was appropriate to use the silhouette of a pig on a charcuterie board as the main graphic on the logo.

The Piggy Market logo signage mockup.
The Piggy Market logo storefront signage mockup.
The Piggy Market logo tote bag mockup.
The Piggy Market logo stationary mockup.
We finished off with an Identity Manual which included the brand logos, colours, fonts, and best practices.
The Piggy Market logo identity manual mockup.
The Piggy Market logo identity manual mockup.

High Fidelity UI Mockup

When creating the new UI mockups of the selected website pages, it was challenging to find ways of incorporating a lot of important information about each of their products into visually appealing sections. Additionally, it took some time to discover ways that the website pages could be more intuitively organized so that the user can quickly navigate the site without having ever seen it before.

Home and Bakery Pages — Low-Fidelity Sketches

The Piggy Market low-fidelity website sketches.
The Piggy Market website mockup on a desktop, phone, and laptop..

I enjoyed the opportunity to revisit a previous passion project. It was a great chance to explore different avenues of design, and the challenge of creating a new UI design for a site (as an exercise) was a lot of fun!

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