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Brand Identity

During the Summer and Fall of 2021, I was given the opportunity to create a brand identity, brand guidelines, and marketing assets for a new retail cannabis store under the name, The Harvest Room. They offer a full range of products and services that emphasizes a knowledge-based, value-added service for their customers. The materials created were designed to help to create strong first impressions for their customers and separate The Harvest Room from their competition.

The Harvest Room needed a brand identity targeted towards their primary clients: Generation X and Baby Boomers — those who are most often looking for CBD products.

Values & Messaging

In setting out to create a brand from the ground up for The Harvest Room, we began by using a series of questionnaires and forms to determine the business' primary and secondary client types, brand buzzwords, voice, core values and messaging, and an overview of the brand's language.
The Harvest Room mind map.

Brand Strategy

The design process began with mind mapping, followed by mood boards. Some of the key considerations that went into the mind mapping designs were that their language is respectful, professional, optimistic, and enthusiastic. They are down-to-earth with a twist of imagination and a little precociousness, which allows for a combination of down-to-earth and business professional design elements.

Moodboard 1

The Harvest Room mood board one.

Moodboard 2

The Harvest Room mood board two.
A key element of my client’s vision was that there would be an illustration of a cottage within the primary logo. Many different styles of cottages were explored, and the top contenders that matched my client's original description were presented.

Initial cottage sketches

Cottage illustrations for The Harvest Room.

Initial logo concepts

Initial logo sketches for The Harvest Room.
The Harvest Room initial logo concepts.

Logo Concept 1

The Harvest Room greyscale logo concept 1.

Logo Concept 2

The Harvest Room greyscale logo concept 2.

Logo Concept 3

The Harvest Room greyscale logo concept 3.

Brand Colour Palette

After exhausting many different styles and general design refinement, we settled upon this illustration. We then moved on to determining the colour palette for The Harvest Room's brand. The original vision of my client was for the cottage to have a red roof, and for there to be a large harvest moon incorporated into the primary logo. The warm tones of the final design create a sense of coziness and belonging, with the goal being to create a design where people feel welcome and wonder, "What could be happening inside the cottage?". The font Archivo Expanded balances the whimsical style of the illustration and grounds the overall design with its sharper edges and strong weight, juxtaposing the cottage and the smoke drifting through the air.

Colour Palette & cottage style exploration

Logo colour concepts

Final Designs

A secondary logo, word mark, and brand mark were all created to accommodate for the variety of places that the brand will be displayed. All The Harvest Room logos use the same colour scheme, fonts, and cottage illustration to maintain a consistent brand throughout.

Final logo designs

The Harvest Room logo variations and brand colours.
The Harvest Room logo on signage as a mockup.
The Harvest Room t-shirt mockup with secondary logo.


A business card and brand pattern were also created for The Harvest Room. The project was wrapped up with a brand guide and official fonts, and we were done!
The Harvest Room's business card in a mockup.
The Harvest Room brand pattern 1.
The Harvest Room brand pattern 1.
The Harvest Room brand pattern 3.

The Harvest Room is a new company and brand that has no preexisting design materials. It was fun and challenging to bring forth my client’s vision and find ways of incorporating important elements into a design that would be appealing to a very wide age group of clients. They were a pleasure to work with!

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