Illustrations & Handlettering

My love for graphic design originated in a passion for drawing portraits, painting murals, and learning that I wasn’t the only one in the world who was obsessed with fonts. Since investing in an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil a couple years ago, I have scraped the surface on learning a whole new medium of art and the capabilities that one can have with these powerful tools. Below are selected works of digital illustrations and hand lettering that I have made. Included in this compilation are pieces that have been commissions, works to sell, gifts, or just-for-fun projects. Enjoy!


Commissions & Passion Projects


2019 - 2021

Services Provided

Digital Illustration

"Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend." Quote by Dr. Suess print designed in red, blue, and yellow.
An illustration of a white and black carousel horse on a red background.
Blue and white original print with prayer to the Holy Spirit written on it in cursive.
Ma Belle Maison print with illustrations of houses and clouds on it.
"Whatever you do, do it well." Quote by Dr. Seuss, hand lettered print.
Herbs and spices written in alphabetical order with illustrations of the associated herb or spice drawn above each word.
Illustration of large letter H with illustrations drawn inside of it.
Four original French stamp designs on a yellow background.
"It Is Well" written in cursive with a wreath of flowers drawn around it.
To the moon and back illustrated print with a rocket ship flying to the moon.
Talitha Koum, or "Little Girl, get up." quote, with illustration of Jesus kneeling to see a little girl eye-to-eye.
Illustration of a stamp for the Czech Republic on a bright orange background.
Motherhood quote with illustrations of colourful hills and clouds behind it.
A digital painting of purple peppers on a purple background.
Illustrated recipe to with instructions on how to make pancakes.
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